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UserManager.RemoveFromRolesAsync and UserManager.IsInRoleAsyn return user not in role

I have a small project generated using vscode and dot net 7 core focused on Identity operations.

  • dotnet core project under parallels windows 11 on an M1 max macbook

  • Docker container running azure edge with a database simply for testing identity

  • program.cs setup

  • migrations generated and applied to the database

  • Identity tables are created and present in the database

  • able to create a User in the the Users table

  • able to create a Role in the Roles table

  • able to associate the user with the roles and a relationship row appears in the UserRoles table

  • able to retrieve the user and user rolls with

        var user = await _userManager.FindByEmailAsync(email);
          var roles = await _userManager.GetRolesAsync(user);

  • unable to use

       var role_result = await _userManager.IsInRoleAsync(user, roleName);
         var result = await _userManager.RemoveFromRolesAsync(user, roleName);
         both of these api calls return false with an error "user not in role".   I have done a bit of sanity checking and can't seem to see anything obvious.  

  • Are there any tools/utilities I can use out of the box to test the basic setup for Identity.

  • Suggestions on gathering additional debug information ?

Thank you!

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Hi @YorkBush-0795, how do you add the role to user? How do you configure the Identity in Program.cs? More code would be helpful. Thank you.

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