Microsoft.CodeCoverage.Console.exe don't remove C++ compile time code

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I generate C++ code coverage with Microsoft.CodeCoverage.Console.exe.

I have the following code :

template<typename type_t>  
static constexpr type_t* allocate_array(const usize count) noexcept requires(is_not_same_v<type_t, void>) {  
    const usize allocation_size = count * sizeof(type_t);  
    if (std::is_constant_evaluated()) {  
        // Usage of std::allocator.allocate is allowed in constexpr dynamic allocation.   
        // The allocation should be freed with std::allocator<type_t>().deallocate in the same constexpr expression  
        return std::allocator<type_t>().allocate(count);  
    return reinterpret_cast<type_t*>(allocate(allocation_size));  

The branch if(std::is_constant_evaluated()) should not be covered but it is.
Codecov show me that the branch is evaluated to false but never to true... and this is normal but it should not be in coverage data.


llvm-cov gcov produce a far better coverage concerning constexpr evaluation.

Is there a way to remove this from the coverage report? I instrument it statically (Dynamic produce the same result), here is the config file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>  

Thank you for help!

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