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Hi All,

I would like to disable remote access server configuration across all SQL servers which is not using linked server incoming connections. Is there a way we can confirm whether sql instances are getting incoming linked server connections if we dont have linked server names? sys.dm_exec_requests or any dmv's which has a flag what says the connected host is a linked server?


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  1. PandaPan-MSFT 1,911 Reputation points

    Hi @ACDBA ,

    if we dont have linked server names?

    If you don't know the server names, I don't think it is possible to make the connection.
    You can check the linked server you had made connection in this place:

    If you are worried about privacy, you can try the following solution:
    Create an account in A that can only select view _ A. Then use the account A in B to establish the connection of the linked server.(At the same time, select the account of the manufacturer in the security to correspond to the account of A) Then B won't have the right to check some tables in A.

    linked server properties---security tab---Created using the current security context of the login

    EXEC master.dbo.sp_addlinkedsrvlogin @rmtsrvname=N'serverB',@useself=N'False',@locallogin=N'userB',@rmtuser=N'userA',@rmtpassword='########  

    Is it your demand? If I misunderstand, pls let me know.

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  2. ACDBA 416 Reputation points

    Hi @PandaPan-MSFT ,

    Thank you so much for your kind reply. My requirement is different.

    There are 26 servers,Server A,Server B....Server Z.

    I want to know if anyone is connecting to server A using a linked server.

    I have whoisactive capture in server A.. But that cannot distinguish whether the hostname coulmn is a linked server or app server or ..


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  3. Tom Phillips 17,721 Reputation points

    There is no way to "detect" if someone is connecting to the target using a linked server. It is just a connection. There is no other information send to the target server.

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  4. PandaPan-MSFT 1,911 Reputation points

    Hi @ACDBA

    But that cannot distinguish whether the hostname coulmn is a linked server or app server or..

    WOW, that's a very good idea to distinguish........but just to SQL it's impossible.......Unless you use some third-parts(we are not allowed to recommed third-part programs).
    I just can say wish you good luck.
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    Thanks for your contribution.

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