Listing the SCCM per-user deployment status remotely

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We are building a GUI to allow a technician to connect remotely and get the installation status of the per-user SCCM app deployment (similar as SCCM Client center).

Getting the per-machine deployment with the WMI (\DeviceName\ROOT\ccm\ClientSDK:CCM_Application) is working great.

For a "required" per-user deployment, the only thing I'm able to see is the policy under \DeviceName\ROOT\ccm\Policy\AD_USER_SID\ActualConfig:CCM_ApplicationCIAssignment but I cannot find the InstallState. The SCClient_Username.log is showing the WMI location but it doesn't exist on the device :

Got instance from WMI for \DeviceName\root\ccm\ClientSDK:CCM_Application.Id="ScopeId_0370A181-0BB6-4F5D-BE05-5128759BC63A/Application_1b584e64-a5e8-4a76-93d2-2b159a27e1d4",IsMachineTarget=false,Revision="10" (Microsoft.SoftwareCenter.Client.Data.WmiConnectionManager at GetInstance) SCClient 2022-11-18 12:24:05 5 (0x0005)

According to this, "required" per-user deployment is using the same method as per-machine. "Available" per-user deployment received the status in realtime from the server once the user open the Software Center. This what I want to achieve remotely for a logged on user.

I tried to trigger the webmethod but there's not much documentation / example on how to use it :
$Url = "http://SCCMServer/CMUserService_WindowsAuth/applicationviewservice.asmx"
$Services = New-WebServiceProxy $Url -UseDefaultCredential

How do I call the GetFilteredApplications method ?

Microsoft Configuration Manager Application
Microsoft Configuration Manager Application
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  1. Rahul Jindal [MVP] 7,451 Reputation points MVP

    If the intent is to capture status of the deployment by service desk, then maybe utilizing rbac and giving read only access to the console\reports will be a better option.

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