Adding Third Party Consultant to SharePoint Service

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Dear Microsoft Learning Support Community (MSLSC)

This is the first time I have had the opportunity to request help from your service and though I have an instructor and the collaboration from the students, I thought this would be a good place ask my question also.

Its, I believe a minor question, but I am concerned about how I have to implement a "Hired Consultant", for the "Collaboration with an External User".

I feel the instructions to me, seems rather vague.

I have picked some point of instruction from the tasks and there is no mention of whether I would have to create an account with an email address for the Consultant, as all I can see is that I am using Holly's or the MOD's email addresses as the points of contact.

Here are the points of instruction given to me, concerning the consultant.
Note: Each instruction begins with (Instruction: Ins) followed by a number and Commer punctuation mark, then the order.

Learning Path 4 - Lab 3 - Exercise 3 - Create a Ticketing System in SharePoint

Ins 1, You should meet with the student who your instructor assigned to your
lab to play the role of the IT consultant. During this meeting you should
exchange the tenant admin accounts (
from each of your tenants along with the tenant admin's password.

Ins 17, On the People and Groups > Consultants page, on the menu bar that
appears above the list of consultants, select the drop-down arrow next to New.
In the menu that appears, select Add Users.
Ins 18, In the Share ‘IT Services’ window that appears, in the Enter names or
email addresses field, enter your fellow student’s tenant admin account,
which will be (IMPORTANT: replace xxxxZZZZZZ
with your fellow student’s tenant prefix that was assigned to you by your
instructor; do NOT use your tenant prefix).

This same address will be displayed below the field in a menu. Select this

Ins 23, In the Sign in window, enter your fellow student’s MOD Administrator
email address of (where xxxxZZZZZZ is your
fellow student’s tenant prefix that was assigned to you by your instructor).
In the Enter password window, enter your fellow student's tenant email
password and select Sign in.

Note: A message should appear below this field that says:
is outside of your organization.


I hope this is a question that can be asked here and I look forward to your replies.

Yours sincerely
JT Valerie

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  1. Jeffrey Timothy Valerie 21 Reputation points

    Dear JimmySalian-2011

    Thank you for your reply and thank you for directing me to a link which most possibly will find what I am looking for.

    Thank you

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