How to Bind Color of VerticalGridLinesBrush to color of a Background Button in WPF?

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I'm using C# WPF and MaterialDesign Theme,

the Color Binding works as well, but I want to bind the Opacity property of VerticalGridLinesBrush to the Opacity property of that button


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    Hui Liu-MSFT 14,556 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    The type of Background property of Control is Brush. There are a variety of Brushes and SolidColorBrush is one of them.
    For the current value of Background to be SolidColorBrush, its Color property can be referenced in the binding.

            <Slider Width="200" Minimum="0" Maximum="1" Value="{Binding ElementName=MY_BUTTON, Path=Opacity}"/>  
                    <Button x:Name="MY_BUTTON"   Content="button"  Width="100" Height="50" Background="Red"/>  
                                <SolidColorBrush Color="{Binding ElementName=MY_BUTTON,Path=Background.Color}"  Opacity="{Binding ElementName=MY_BUTTON,Path=Opacity}"/>  

    The result:


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