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foreign key one-to-may doesn't working in blazor wasm net. ore6

Hi, I try to implement the Foreign Key in my app to link several actions,class model ActionItem with main table Developer.
When I run app the ActionItem is null.
Have you some advise ?

you can find github link AppWebFK

When run my app I have the output below. As you can see the ActionItem is well link to Developer via DeveloperId key.

 Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Infrastructure: Information: Entity Framework Core 6.0.10 initialized 'ApplicationDBContext' using provider 'Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer:6.0.10' with options: None
 Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Database.Command: Information: Executed DbCommand (4ms) [Parameters=[], CommandType='Text', CommandTimeout='30']
 SELECT [d].[DeveloperId], [d].[ECR], [d].[FEE], [a].[ActionId], [a].[CloseDate], [a].[DescriptionA], [a].[DeveloperId], [a].[OpenDate], [a].[PlanDate], [a].[State], [a].[Tilte]
 FROM [Developers] AS [d]
 LEFT JOIN [ActionItems] AS [a] ON [d].[DeveloperId] = [a].[DeveloperId]
 ORDER BY [d].[DeveloperId]

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The GitHub link is broken now, please share your model class, Fluent API and relevant query code here. In addition, please try eager loading in your query code and check if it works for you. for more information, please refer to: Eager Loading of Related Data

Best regards,

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Hi, sorry for the late answer.
I activate the github link. So you can find class model and Fluent API; AppWebFK
I currently i still have a problem to integrate FK. could please help me on it?

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