Azure cognitive search not working on SharePoint subdirectory

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I have a SharePoint site which contains multiple folders. I would like to setup an Azure Cognitive Search Index on only one of the subfolders within this site. Creation of the datasource works without error. However, whenever I go to create the indexer, I get the error with link and code to authenticate, perform authentication, and then get the error "Error with data source: SharePoint site 'https://{domain}{site}/Shared%20Documents/{subfolder}/Forms/AllItems.aspx' not found. Please adjust your data source definition in order to proceed."

I have tried creating the datasource with query includeLibrariesInSite and includeLibrary as well as tried the connection string with and without the Forms/AllItems.aspx. I am able to create the datasource and indexer on the entire site, but not on a specific folder withing the site.

Is this even possible? If so, how can I acheive this?

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    Thanks for reply! Folder filtering is not a feature of the Indexer, only the options listed in the below document link are supported:

    If you needs to be able to filter on specific folders, perhaps you can add a custom column as part of the documents in SharePoint on creation (with an automated workflow or similar) and then after indexing, filter ( that column when querying for documents, so only the ones that are under a specific folder are returned.

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