Registering packaged Win32 application to run at log in using windows.startupTask

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Hello I have configured the app (a sys tray extension for my UWP app) to run at start up successfully using this documentation:
I used "Packaged desktop app startup task extension" example to be able to launch the sys tray extension at start up
So it works as expected when the application is launched first time after install I see the notification toast:
"MyTestApp is now configured to run when you login. To change this later, go to Settings, Apps, Startup"
The problem is the header of that Notification Toast!
The header of the toast notification is my UWP Package name which is not user friendly at all

How can I modify that Toast header please?

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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  1. Katerina 1 Reputation point

    @Yan Gu - MSFT No I do not see this window at all because I enabled it by default.

            <Application ...>  
                      DisplayName="My Desktop App" />  

    So immediately when the app launches for the first time I see the Toast Notification in the right bottom corner (see the screenshot below)
    I need to fix the header of the Toast which contains package name in it. I need the header to have the App's display name.