Regenerate QR code to Readd Authenticator

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I have a number of users who are stuck in an authenticator loop. They have somehow deleted the MS account out of their Authenticator app, or have a new phone where the old phone is unservicable and when trying to get a QR code on the web to set it up again, they are prompted with the authenticator code challenge; Which of course we dont have and cant get!!

How can I reset this situation and allow them to login to to get the QR code to resetup in authenticator again?

My mind is boggling on this one please help :) :/

Microsoft Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
A Microsoft app for iOS and Android devices that enables authentication with two-factor verification, phone sign-in, and code generation.
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  1. Anonymous

    I'll assume you're asking about a school or work account? Go to

    1. Go to Security & Privacy page > choose Additional security verification > Update my phone numbers used for account security.
    2. After that it will open a new window. You will see your Phone is listed and you can choose Delete.
    3. Choose Set up Authenticator app and it will open a pop-up box with QR code so that you can configure the app on your new device.

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  2. Dave Solak 25 Reputation points

    Here is a summary of my issue and the steps I went through to resolve it.

    I had a user purchase a new iPhone. They loaded the Authenticator app on their new phone and added their account, but MFA requests were not being sent to his new phone. Essentially, in order to force the QR code to display for Microsoft Authenticator you have to revoke the user's multifactor authentication sessions and then force them to re-register. There are other articles on how to setup MFA on an iPhone and I won't outline those steps here. But I will share how we got things rolling for this user.

    In order to get the MFA setup properly on his new device, we did the following:

    • Removed the work account from the Authenticator app on the new phone.
    • Loged onto the M365 Admin center with a site administrator account.
    • Selected "... Show all" and then select > Identity".

    User's image

    User's image

    • Selected Users >> ALL users

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    • Searched for the user account that you are working on, then selected the account.

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    • On the selected account selected "Authentication methods" in the "Manage" section

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    • On the Authentication methods page clicked on "Require re-register multifactor authentication" and "Revoke multifactor authentication sessions" (note: I had to do this twice).

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    Once these steps were completed, we went to and initiated a sign-in. Microsoft then went through the MFA setup process which included the coveted QR code.

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  3. Donna E 30 Reputation points

    In order to add an account, you have to be logged in. Otherwise a new account would be for a new org. This is not about creating a new account. There is no solution except to contact Microsoft support. That has to be done by phone since one can not login to create a support ticket. Microsoft needs to fix this issue. It's a flaw in the authentication process.

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  4. Zbigniew Mazur 5 Reputation points

    Dude, It doesn't work. there is no 'choose Additional security verification' , in 'Security & Privacy page'.
    Where is the QR Code?

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  5. Troels Lincoln 0 Reputation points

    Not sure if this is still relevant for anyone, but I had the same issue and stumbled on this page, and I solved it by:

    1. Sign in to your account on
    2. Go to "My Account"
    3. "Security info" in the left pane
    4. Delete old MFA and create a new one - this prompts a new QR for your authenticator app on the phone