Failover Cluster Failure

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Been struggling with creating a new failover cluster of servers, nodes are fresh, brand new installs of Windows Server 2022, A/D is Windows Server 2016 with that also as the functional level. I've tried the Failover GUI as well as New-Cluster PS cmd and both are failing at the same spot. I've ran validation on both hosts and fixed ALL errors. I've tried adding just 1 node, prestaging the CNO and even created an entirely new user to log into the server with and create the cluster. Tried creating a separate OU, as well as just letting it go into 'Computers' with same result. Verified connectivity and DNS is correct for all servers. Made sure to run Clear-Cluster cmd just to be safe. I've been through every Google search result 3 times over for error codes 1753, 234, etc. and keep coming up empty. Would love any other suggestions! I feel like it's something within Active Directory but unable to have any sort of epiphany as of yet.

The trace logs for Failover-Cluster show:

Got Domain DN 'DC=domain,DC=local' from DomainFlatName 'DOMAIN' or DomainNameDns 'domain.local'
GC does not have the object MYCLUSTERNAMEOBJECT."
Create cluster MYCLUSTERNAMEOBJECT will be using a Read-Write DC \DC.domain.local"
Searching for node object NODE1.domain.local failed. Error 234."
Creating Cluster name MYCLUSTERNAMEOBJECT in AD returned 234."
Couldn't resolve RPC binding to cluster 'IP.ADDRESS.OF.NODE1', Status = 1753"

The fail report generated shows:

Check whether the computer object MYCLUSTERNAMEOBJECT for node NODE1.DOMAIN.LOCAL exists in the domain. Domain controller \DC.DOMAIN.LOCAL.
Find a suitable domain controller for node NODE1.DOMAIN.LOCAL.
Check whether the computer object MYCLUSTERNAMEOBJECT for node NODE1.DOMAN.LOCAL exists in the domain. Domain controller \DC.DOMAIN.LOCAL. More data is available.
Bind to domain controller . More data is available.
Operation failed, attempting cleanup.
An error occurred while creating the cluster and the nodes will be cleaned up. Please wait...

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Active Directory
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Windows Server Clustering
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    Having the same issue - any actual solution out there?

    Postings going back to 2015 all offer tidbits - but I see even in 2023 we are fighting this issue.