How can I remove account from Microsoft Authenticator?

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My mobile phone was registered under my work organisation and I accidentally uninstalled the Microsoft Authenticator app without unregistering my work organisation MFA account in the app.

Now when I installed back the Authenticator app it shows a greyed out account and I am not able to re-register for the MFA using my work email again. How can I unregister the greyed out account on the Authenticator app?

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  1. Anonymous

    How can I unregister the greyed out account on the Authenticator app

    You can remove the account from the device. For example, on my android device it is Settings\Passwords & accounts.

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  1. Thomas Kazembe 35 Reputation points

    To remove the greyed out account from Microsoft Authenticator I had to go to my phones’ “Settings” then “Accounts and backup” followed by “Manage accounts“. To my surprise, even though I deleted the email address from Outlook, the email account was still there. Once I removed the email address and reloaded Microsoft Authenticator the greyed out account was gone.

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  2. Alexey Dmitriev 20 Reputation points

    To delete greyed out account from MS Authenticator it should be deleted from Android - Settings - Accounts. It is appeared there.

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  3. Ting 66 Reputation points


    I have tried to remove the account from my settings. However when I attempt to scan the QR code to set up the 2-factor authentication on Microsoft Authenticator, it says that the QR code has already been used and I am unable to set up the authentication account using my work email.

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  4. Nathan Abshire 21 Reputation points

    @Alexey Dmitriev that option doesn't exist on Android's Authenticator app. There's no such thing as an "Accounts" section in Settings. And before you ask, my app is up to date.

    My headers are: Notifications, Backup, Security, Work or school account, Stay logged in to your Microsoft work or school account, Logs, Autofill settings, Verified IDs.

    There is no option for Account Management of any sort of under settings.

    One would think you'd be able to interact with the greyed-out items, but this is not the case.

    I work for an MSP. I have several management identities in my Microsoft Authenticator app that I want to remove. ACTIVE accounts can be removed just fine, but these greyed-out accounts cannot.

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