How to reduce the id in edge://favorites/?id=?

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As the title.

For some reason, it is sometimes necessary to import favorites on the computer. Every time the favorites are imported, the id in edge://favorites/?id= will become larger, and the number is already very large now. There may be no more imports in the future. Is there any way to make its id smaller, so that the number behind edge://favorites/?id= will not be too long, and I can specifically bookmark some favorite pages as Easy to jump.

I remember that I have implemented it, even edge://favorites/?id=3 and edge://favorites/?id=4 are available. Later, I logged in and synchronized on the mobile phone, and added the item of mobile favorites, and there was edge://favorites/?id=3 as a mobile favorite, and all other ids were postponed, but this situation is possible Accepted, because there are not many pushbacks, only a few thousand. Now I want to get back to the operation at that time.

It is acceptable to log out and log in again on the computer, delete and re-import after backing up favorites, reset synchronization, log in to mobile phones to display mobile favorites, etc.; it is not acceptable to log out and delete local data, because this will delete highlights, passwords, etc., although it can be synchronized and backup, but there are still risks; uninstalling Edge and reinstalling is not accepted, and I did the id reset without doing so, but I can't remember the original operation now.

For "and I can specially bookmark some favorite pages for easy jumping", I have a solution that does not use this method, and I don't need to recommend it, and please don't persuade me to give up the idea of ​​reducing the id because this problem can be solved.

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  1. ShiJieLi-MSFT 8,731 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @逸飞 周 ,

    The ID issue you've described has been reproduced, as I've tested on multiple devices and accounts. In short, it usually occurs if you have deleted previous favorites and then import/add new ones. Then, you'll have some ids skipped. Suppose you have deleted 5 previous favorites, and these 5 ids will no longer show up. The more you have deleted, the faster IDs will increase.

    The workaround is quite simple and does not involve deleting any data.

    1. Go to your profile folder. If you're not sure about the folder, you can go to edge://version/ and find it in Profile path.
    2. In the profile folder, open Bookmarks file with Notepad or any text editor.
    3. You'll see your bookmarks/favorites with information attached, including ID. Modify any ID and save the file. For example, you can simply edit any ID not equal to 1 into "id": "1". In my opinion, this triggers a "re-ordering" mechanism as there're 2 items with the same id "1".
    4. Restart Edge (make sure there's no instance left). Then, you'll find IDs return to normal.

    However, if you need to import/delete favorites again in the future, you may still encounter such issue. Besides the workaround above, I suggest sending feedback by pressing Alt+Shift+I in Edge to the Dev Team, so that a relevant fix will be delivered in the future.

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    Best Regards,
    Shijie Li