Azure B2C - Issue trying to SignIn Users by using Custom Policy Starter Pack

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I am using this 2-call-api-b2c ,sample from Microsoft Identity Platform, but creating the users I am using the Custom Policy Starter Pack tutorial-create-user-flows.
More Specifically I used only for the LocalAccounts.
Followed the steps that are in the Custom Policy Starter Pack and the Issue starts when I am trying to SignIn the users.
-Works to SignUp a user
-Works to Edit a user
-Works to Reset the password of a user
-Doesn't work to SignIn a User
Error encountered:
errorCode: "AADB2C90052"
message: "Invalid username or password."
status: "400"

Tested also with the user flow to sign in the users that were created previously with the custom policy starter pack and had no issue.

What to check or what I am missing as a setting ? Thank you.

Information Question: Can I use the User Flow with a Custom Policy ? let's say this one change-sign-in-name ?

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Microsoft Entra External ID
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  1. James Hamil 22,981 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Silviu_Mihai , can you please follow the suggestions in this thread and let me know if they help? If not please let me know and I can help you further.


  2. Silviu_Mihai 31 Reputation points

    @James Hamil
    Hello, I managed to "resolve" the issue. When I created the app registrations for:
    I used "Accounts in any identity provider or organizational directory (for authenticating users with user flows)".
    (this is not how it states in the Custom Starter Pack)
    So I used it like this because when I tried to use it how it states in the tutorial ("Accounts in this organizational directory only (AAD_B2C_TEST_CUSTOM_POLICIES only - Single tenant)") I was getting an error, which than I thought that I should use it just how it is in the SPA, but it seems not. The reason exactly I don't why. Still thank you.

    Information Question: Can I use the User Flow with a Custom Policy ? let's say this one change-sign-in-name ?

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  3. Alok Aswal 1 Reputation point

    When I run policy , as per above Login-NonInteractive, the redirect should be present in IdentityExperienceFrameowrk Authenication section ?

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  4. char 0 Reputation points

    Hi, I hopre you are well. I am facing the same problem, has any solution/workaround been found? Thanks.

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