I have a question regarding the definition to the ThrowIfFailed() function used in DirectX12 code applications.

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In the course of coding DirectX12 applications, I find frequent references to the ThrowIfFailed() function, but I have not not been able to get the definition that is given in the Helpers.h header file to compile:


include <Windows.h> // For HRESULT

// From DXSampleHelper.h
// Source: https://github.com/Microsoft/DirectX-Graphics-Samples
inline void ThrowIfFailed(HRESULT hr)
if (FAILED(hr))
throw std::exception();

Including this definition in my DX12 code results in my compiler flagging the exception() function as not being a part of the STD namespace.

So, I have three questions regarding this - Is the principle reason for the ThrowIfFailed() function to provide a breakpoint in DX12 code (as I have read), and secondly, where can I find a reference to a definition that does compile?

My third question involves the use of TAGS in this forum - I have not yet figured out the labeling hierarchy used in tags that are available for questions - for instance, I discovered there is no DirectX12 tag for this post, so I am using the closest thing I find. Where do I find more about choosing appropriate tags?

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Windows API - Win32
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    The code sample from D3D12HelloWorld compiles normally for me : DXSampleHelper.h
    with std::exception() from VS 2022 install directory (Microsoft Visual Studio_2020 on my PC...)
    E:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio_2020\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.34.31933\include\vcruntime_exception.h

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