Torch Model + Inference script in a container to Azure Kubernetes

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Hello everyone,

I am somewhat inexperienced with cloud services and am currently trying to find the optimal way to deploy, to Azure, an ML model and inference script that I have developed locally.

I have everything running on a container which has the following process:

Model fetches data from the DB server -> If there are new sources of data -> Creates a new
thread to constantly perform inference on that particular source of data and constantly
put the results on another server

I have successfully deployed this container to both Container Instances, Container Apps (to experiment and verify that it works) and as a Pod inside a Kubernetes cluster. The main idea would be to run it inside Kubernetes and scale it the more data sources it needs to process.

My question is: is this the best approach for this scenario, deploying the container as a single image application and scaling it from there?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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