Azure Web App S2 vs P2V2

David Pedraza Verdugo 26 Reputation points

We had an old Azure Web app running on a S2, after a few months of some advs from azure we decided to use the new P2V2, so we create a new Web app with P2V2 but now we are noticing that the old website having only 200 ACU and 3.5 GB is faster(almos triple in some heavy pages with a lot of data) that the new one (420 ACU and 7 GB).

We aldready deployed the same code on both web apps and both are connecting to the same databases, so we can't find an explanation about the bad performance of our app on a better environment.

We reviewed the configuration on both web apps and they are mostly identical so we have no idea about what the issue is.

Do you have any idea about the cause?


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  1. brtrach-MSFT 14,231 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @David Pedraza Verdugo This is a very difficult issue to troubleshoot in a public forum due to there being 1,000+ variables. I will send you a private message asking for more details so we can try to take a deeper look but do note that we may not be able to locate an answer.

    With that being said, I'll try to hit up some of the common scenarios while I wait for your reply based on the details you have provided.

    1. Are the apps in the same region as the databases? Please note for example that East US and East US2 are different datacenters and are located a minimum of 500 miles apart. This can add latency to the database calls. The web app needs to be in the exact same region as your database.
    2. Have you tried using a browser trace to observe where the loading time for each site is spent? Is it taking 50 seconds to load a picture on the site? Where is that picture hosted? In the site files? In a database?
    3. Have you tried using the 'diagnose and solve' blade on the slower web app? This blade has detectors that Microsoft support engineers use to help locate issues. It can be a very powerful tool to shedding light on issues with your app.

    Lastly, we just announced the availability of Pv3 on October 1st. If you're concerned about power, you may want to check this out.

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  1. Milko Minchev 6 Reputation points

    @David Pedraza Verdugo
    Is the new P2V2 configured in the same region as the old S2 Web App ?
    If the new app is configured in different region far from the SQL server location, that might cause some extra delay (and extra cost eventually).

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  2. David Pedraza Verdugo 26 Reputation points

    The problem finally was the Web app location. After migrating (well doing a backup to the same location where the SQL is located) the speed of our web app is back. The location change was a mistake but anyway I wouldn't expect that to have such a high cost on the performance. Something to keep in mind for the future.

    Thanks for the support!

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