powerpoint file opening is delayed to much (like 5~10 minutes)

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I made C# program to extract text and Image from powerpoint
process is like this
save as pptx --> unzip --> extract text with XML
--> extract image from each slide

The problem is that opening power point file is delayed too much like 5 minutes after extract 5,000 ppt files with that program.
I tested new file with putting text "powerpoint" on the page, and it takes also 5 minutes to open it.

I reinstalled Office 2013 but nothing changed.

Opening speed recovered when installed Office 2016 deleting Office 2013,
but after extracting other ppts same problem happened.

Is there any way to prevent or solve this problem?
(periodic way will be ok. I tried deleting files in temp folder though)

I'll be really appreciated if anyone answer about it.

*The process when issue occured


The point is opening new PowerPoint file without link or add-ins, just with some text( "ppt test") takes 5 minutes .

  1. I ran the program for 5,000 powerpoint
  2. closed the program
  3. restarted Window
  4. made new PowerPoint file
  5. inserted new text box with 8 letters "ppt test"
  6. saved the PowerPoint file
  7. opened the PowerPoint file
    --> took 5 minutes

This PowerPoint file opened very fast in other computers

*We used these APIs



PPT Open : Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint.Presentation pptPresentation
--> pApplication.Presentations.Open

NameChange to pptx : --> pFileFullName.Replace

Save As : --> pptPresentation.SaveAs

decompressiong : System.IO.Compression
--> ZipFile.ExtractToDirectory
(Text Extract)

Image Export : --> Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint.Slide objSlide = pptPresentation.Slides[nSlideNum];
--> objSlide.Export

PPT Close : Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint.Application
--> pptPresentation.Close()


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    PowerPoint can be slow to open presentation, let alone 5,000. Some suggestions: Work in smaller batches. Delete files from your Temp folder, remove unnecessary add-ins, make sure all unused windows are closed, and restart your computer to free up resources. You can even try changing your screen resolution, I've heard that sometimes helps. Do you have a lot of links or connections to other Office apps in the PowerPoint file? That could also affect the time it takes to open the file. Also, the number of slides in the presentation slows down opening time.

    I read on the web that someone tried opening PowerPoint in safe mode which disables things that cause PowerPoint to open slowly.