Not able to upload file /create dataset using Azure SDK.

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Workspace, storage account and datastore is successfully created.
code snippet -
from azureml.core import Workspace, Datastore, Dataset

ws = Workspace.from_config(path="./config")

az_store = Datastore.get(ws, "azure_sdk_blob011")

csv_path = [(az_store,"defaults.csv")]

loan_dataset = Dataset.Tabular.from_delimited_files(path=csv_path)

last line is throwing exception.
Error Code: ScriptExecution.StreamAccess.NotFound
Failed Step: f095ba20-da8c-481e-ac68-0b0d30bade6b
Error Message: ScriptExecutionException was caused by StreamAccessException.
StreamAccessException was caused by NotFoundException.
Found no resources for the input provided: ''

Azure Open Datasets
Azure Open Datasets
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  1. romungi-MSFT 27,196 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Abhi I think you could check couple of things here:

    1. Is the datastore "azure_sdk_blob011" registered with your workspace?
    2. Print the az_store and csv_path variables to check if they have the datastore object and the path correctly set if the datastore object is available.

    If the datastore object is correct it should list the storage account name, container name along with name of the registered datastore. Here is an example of the object:


    Also, try to print your workspace object to check if the same is loaded correctly from the config. Thanks!!

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