Outlook Contacts, notes portion of the contacts, email address is changed after opening the Contact on a cell phone

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I’m using, Microsoft® Outlook® 2019 MSO (Version 2205 Build 16.0.15225.20028) 32-bit, but this issue has happened using multiple phones, over many years, and multiple versions of Outlook.

I use Outlook on my desktop and a Contacts app on my cell phone,

I often keep other email addresses in the notes portion of a contact.

An example of an email placed in the notes portion of a contact would be:

JoeUSA@InternetProvider.com and it is underlined as a hyperlink.

After opening the contact to view it on my cell phone using Contacts (or any other phone/contact app), the contact on my cell phone and in Outlook on my desktop, shows the email address gets additional text added to it.

So, JoeUSA@InternetProvider.com becomes “JoeUSA@InternetProvider.com<mailto:JoeUSA@InternetProvider.com>”.

The extension will get added to the end, over and over. It doesn't seem to add it every time the cell phone opens the contact, but at times I have had 10 extensions to an email in the notes.
I notice on my desktop, in Outlook, if I edit the hyperlink by right clicking on the email address, it shows the text to display is correct, JoeUSA@InternetProvider.com , but the “E-mail address:” shows “mailto:JoeUSA@InternetProvider.com”
What can I do to stop this extension from being added to it?

One thing I do to mitigate it, I just enter the email, but I do not hit enter to keep it from becoming a hyperlink.

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Outlook Management
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    @Faery Fu-MSFT
    in response to your question:
    "I use Outlook on my desktop and a Contacts app on my cell phone,...
    In order to verify, what do you mean Contacts app? Is it outlook for app? Do you mean Outlook mobile device application?"

    I am just using the phone app on my cell phone. My cell phone is synced through a Google Exchange account associated with the contacts in my Office 365 Exchange account on the server that my desktop is connected to.

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