Copying a missing table for UAT Azure SQL Database from Production Azure SQL Database

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Hi Geeks, I need to copy a missing table from my prod azure sql database to UAT Azure sql database. I cannot overwrite or refresh as it has various other UAT test data by different team. Since it's not straight forward like in on premises server. I need a way to do it. Please suggest.

I tried below but it's not working

USE [target_database];
SELECT * INTO [target_schema].[table_name]
FROM [source_server].[source_database].[source_schema].[table_name];

Azure SQL Database
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    Nandan Hegde 21,606 Reputation points

    unlike on prem databases, you cannot directly cross query between 2 Azure SQL databases.

    for you to cross query, you would need to use elastic query concept by creating external table .

    But the best way to sync data for a table would be to leverage Azure data factory pipeline :

    since in case of large datasets, ADF would be a quick syn unlike External table wherein you might get performance issues

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