Any computer vission SDK can do more customized training?

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Yukimaru123 191 Reputation points

I see the API can do some basic object recognition, is there more deeper SDK which can do more customization oriented training? What I feel is some of the area Microsoft not familiar with, the accuracy is not very adorably.

Azure Computer Vision
Azure Computer Vision
An Azure artificial intelligence service that analyzes content in images and video.
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    YutongTie-MSFT 24,466 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Yukimaru123

    Thanks for reaching out to us in Microsoft Q&A platform, yes, Azure Computer Vision has it SDK for further development support -

    The Computer Vision service provides developers with access to advanced algorithms for processing images and returning information. Computer Vision algorithms analyze the content of an image in different ways, depending on the visual features you're interested in.

    You can use Computer Vision in your application to:

    Analyze images for insight
    Extract text from images
    Generate thumbnails

    More details please refer to the document -

    But as you mentioned you want to the training in some of the specific area, I would recomment you to do the custom vision -
    Customize and embed state-of-the-art computer vision image analysis for specific domains with Custom Vision, part of Azure Cognitive Services. Build frictionless customer experiences, optimize manufacturing processes, accelerate digital marketing campaigns, and more. No machine learning expertise is required.

    Please check on this product as well since I think it is closer to your scenario -

    I hope it helps!


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