Send device timestamp via Particle webhook to IoT Central via Device Bridge

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I am using the particle boron to log various types of timestamped data and I'm sending the data with the timestamps in a particle webhook to IoT Central through the Device Bridge. This is all working fine. However, I need to use the device timestamps, not the arrival timestamps, in IoT Central to graph the data. Given the format constraints of sending webhooks through Device Bridge, is there any other way I can make my device timestamps the default time to plot data in IoT Central? Is there anything I can do to modify the particle webhooks (maybe not possible, but i figured i would ask.).

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Azure IoT Central
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  1. Sander van de Velde 15,251 Reputation points MVP

    Hello @wineisgud4u ,

    although it is quite some time ago, I had a Particle Photon connected to Azure IoT Central in the past.

    The post describes the format of the message to be sent to the webhook/Azure Function.

    And you can see the logic on the Azure Function used to construct a valid message for IoT Central.

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