How to do a POST API call to Azure language studio

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Hi, i have a requirement to do a POST and GET API call to Azure Language studio. I have done something with POSTMAN but it is returning me error.

My requirement :

i need to do a POST call to Azure Language studio With a text file from Azure blob.

i need to do a GET call to get the Output

I have tried something but getting error attaching my screenshots. can anyone guide me based on that what is wrong i have done.




and the error i'm getting


Azure Language Understanding (LUIS)
Azure Language Understanding (LUIS)
A feature of Azure Cognitive Service for Language that uses natural language understanding to enable people to interact with apps, bots, and internet of things devices.
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Cognitive Service for Language
Cognitive Service for Language
An Azure service that provides natural language capabilities including sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and automated question answering.
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Azure Cognitive Services
Azure Cognitive Services
A group of Azure artificial intelligence services and cognitive APIs that help build intelligent apps.
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