How to use verbatin String in managed c++

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I'm working with c# regex and got the expected result

var match = Regex.Match(sub, @"\w{5}-\w{5}-\w{5}-\w{5}-\w{5}");

So now I'm working with the same code with managed c++, now Im getting error in Regex.Match().

Match m = Regex::Match(number[i], "\w{5} - \w{5} - \w{5} - \w{5} - \w{5}");

but I'm getting the following error "no suitable user-defined conversion from "System::Text::RegularExpressions::Match ^" to "System::Text::RegularExpressions::Match" exists"

I also used raw string for the regex pattern, still the issue is resolved

Match m = Regex::Match(number[i], R"~(\w{5} - \w{5} - \w{5} - \w{5} - \w{5})~");

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    ā€ƒMatch ^m = Regex::Match( number[i], R"(\w{5}-\w{5}-\w{5}-\w{5}-\w{5})" );

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