Does latest version of Microsoft Report authoring extension support in Windows 11 ?

asked 2023-01-06T10:09:58.117+00:00
Jesmon Paulose 6 Reputation points

While trying to install Report authoring extension to build SSRS Reports in Windows 11, got error276845-microsoftteams-image.png

Windows 11
Windows 11
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  1. answered 2023-01-06T15:55:05.06+00:00
    Limitless Technology 8,866 Reputation points

    Hello JesmonPaulose

    The SSRS Reporting Extension requires Visual Studio with SQL Server Reporting Services Visual Studio Add-In Installed.

    You can get a Trial Instance of D365 at

    To Create SSRS Reports you need the following:

    Visual Studio 2015, 2017, or 2019
    SQL Server Reporting Services Visual Studio Add-In:
    If using VS 2019 or 2017, the VSIX should be fine.
    If using VS 2015 you may need to download SSDT.
    Download & Install D365 Report Authoring Extension from here:

    Additionally, it is possible that there is some access issue to the location of the installer, for example if you have it on the <User>\Downloads folder. Try to create a new folder on your root and moving the installation files there.

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  2. answered 2023-01-16T14:49:39.8566667+00:00
    Frank Hillsnipe 0 Reputation points

    We were able to get "Dynamics 365, version 9.0 Report Authoring Extension (with SQL Server Data Tools support)" installed on a Windows 11 PC. We did have to install SSTS for Visual Studio 2017 manually, but we were stopped by environment checks prior to that, and did not encounter the same error.

    Version installed on: Windows 11 Pro build 22000.1219

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