Is there a way to view a multi-year project with the timelines in parallel?

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The timeline feature provided by MS Project Professional, is intuitive and easy to manipulate. It has good depth; however, there appear to be some limitations.

The one I will address in this question is as follows; when planning a multi-year project, the timeline becomes very long while you can slide the viewer up and down to focus on the key elements of your project, when presenting this, it becomes unwieldy. By that I mean, if you intend to present abridged multi-year project plan, with key milestones and dates over 2-3 years, either using an A3 sheet for handouts or to place it as part of an PPP, I have been unable show the multiple timelines in parallel to present a concise and easy to view master plan.

While this can be achieved through the use of PPP manually, it seems that adding this option could conceptually reduce the time required by PM practitioners to create Draft or initial plans for easy review. Additional benefit and efficiency would be gained through having the information linked to the project plan, so changes would be implemented in a single location rather than recorded at a meeting having shown the PPP, then the notes taken transcribed manually to MS Project.

The development of this view, prior to its development from other app designers may reduce the loss of customers who like using the MS Products but find their lack of innovation limiting.

An example of the limits presented by MS products is the inability of an MS Project Task, to be allocated to an individual on Project, published to Planner and assigned, then the individual creating a task in MS Tasks, and the task being able to be added to the individuals outlook tasks and dragged onto the calendar.

The power of this approach would support the email drag to task function, it could integrate all tasks within Microsoft and deliver a seamless effect which reduces the time and effort it takes to generate tasks.

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