How to retain user profiles when reinstalling/replacing PCs

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I'm on the lookout for a way to keep not only user data but preferably also the users layout, lists of recent opened files, app settings etc. The users Desktop experience basically.

I gather USMT could/should be it but we get pretty bad results when using User State migration on our SCCM. Recent files, third party app settings, browser favorites, none is migrated

  • not even Edge.

So I'm on the lookout for something more solid

Apart from that I need a solid way to also get user profiles over to new PCs so I imagine some standalone tool usable in both scenarios if existing?

Any experiences or advice is most welcome.

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  1. Dan C. Cunnings 1 Reputation point

    I'll just copy over the answer I originally found to this question

    There are several tools on the market:

    We ended up using a suite from Ehlertech, utilizing USMT from Microsoft which is the only MS approved user profile migration tool

    The suite is containing two major tools: USMTGUI is a local migration tool that lets you backup a user profile locally to a temp folder or a USB drive. User Profile Central is a remote management console that lets you backup user profiles from any domain PC on your LAN and saves the backup on a network share. We use UPC daily, picking up the existing profile for the users new PC when replacing, prior to them picking it up :-)

    Both programs grabs the profile(s), including all data, recent files list, Explorer quick links, theme, mail settings, browser favorites from Edge, Chrome and Firefox (even cached passwords but only from Chrome and FF)

    Both programs can also scan the entirety of the drive for known document types if needed (on messy systems).

    ALSO:USMTGUI migrates to Azure user profiles and has a disaster recovery function for non bootable systems. Another unique feature with both programs is licensing as the corporate editions are unlimited in number of migrations.

    Really is a no-hassle - very complete - software package and saves us a bunch of time.

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  2. Makeshhumareshtech 46 Reputation points

    Definitely go with Ehlertecs "User Profile Central" management console on this.

    Your supporters will be capable of grabbing, and planting, the users entire profile on the new PC,
    prior to the user picking it up. It is a matter of minutes work for the supporter, not involving the user at all.

    • And it is really simple to use after the initial configuration.

    Very little to be done, when the user turns up, as nearly every relevant setting, Desktop, background, shortcuts, app settings, browser favorites etc., is already moved over.

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  3. Makeshhumareshtech 46 Reputation points

    Definitely go with EhlerTecs "User Profile Central" management console.

    With it your supporters can simply pick up the users entire profile from their PC over LAN (Local Area Network) and place it on the users new PC, prior to the user picking it up.

    • The time spent for the supporter is virtually just minutes.

    And there will be very little to do when the user arrives to pick up their PC, as Desktop, background, Shortcuts, browser favorites etc. is already in place.

    We used USMTGUI, a local migration tool also from Ehlertech, for years but now mainly use User Profile Central.

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