Are Live Activity push notifications for APNS supported and if so, how?

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Are Live Activity push notifications for APNS supported and if so, how?

As per Apple documentation, Live Activity notifications have different token on the user's device, hence I use SBNotificationHub to register the device token.

They also require special payload and APNS request headers to work. Headers:
apns-pushtype = liveactivitity
apns-topic = bundleId.push-type.liveactivity

I have successfully tested Live Activity push notifications using APNSSwift on the backend, but when using the same concept on Azure Hubs, notifications are not delivered. Rest API responds with success 201 on my request, but pushes are never delivered.

Are Live Activity push notifications supported and how? Thank you.

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Azure Notification Hubs
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  1. ajkuma 13,456 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @hatchery41 , Apologies for the delay!

    liveactivity push type is not supported.

    Just to highlight, if it’s a Standard SKU hub, the get message telemetry API should return APNS outcome counts indicating what the result from APNS was.

    Just for your info only, you may be able to work around this by creating a hub with APNS app bundle ID set to bundleId.push-type.liveactivity and sending the apns-push-type header.

    We currently advertise this workaround for APNS VoIP support
    Use APNS VOIP through Notification Hubs
    – Please note this is not officially supported.

    I have relayed this feedback internally to our product team.

    If you wish you may share your feedback on Uservoice- All of the feedback, you share in these forums will be monitored and reviewed by the Microsoft engineering teams responsible for building Azure. Additionally, users with a similar request can up-vote your post and add their comments.

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