Move a marketplace VM between subscriptions fails with offer ID was not found

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James Sidwell Admin 1 Reputation point

Using the sample script here to move a VM which has a plan associated with it. All of the steps work until it gets to the az vm create step.
The move fails with offer id was not found. I have confirmed that the offer is still available and correctly spelled (including uppercase/lowercase) with "az vm image list offers and az vm image list skus". Any idea why this might be failing? I'd like to get this to work as we want to use this method to provide a straight-forward way for some of our users to migrate their VMs over to new subscriptions.

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    Marshaljs 25,936 Reputation points

    Hi James,

    Can you provide the deployment or logs associated with this? So the note says "If the virtual machine plan is no longer available in the Marketplace, you can't use this procedure" are you sure that the offer is valid and available?.

    Try this command to check

    offer = Your offer in Marketplace  
    offer=$(az vm get-instance-view --resource-group $sourceResourceGroup \  
        --name $vmName --query 'storageProfile.imageReference.offer' --output tsv)  

    Hope this helps.

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