Alternative ways to open an application from system tray

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Ditish Maharjan 1 Reputation point

I am trying to configure Windows 10 for a client and they are using ScreenConnect for remote access for support purposes. The problem is Windows 10 is in KIOSK mode (multi-application) provided by the Client, the KIOSK mode hides the taskbar and system tray as well. Now, the problem is once KIOSK mode is initiated even though all the Services for ScreenConnect are working, I cannot open ScreenSconnect UI as to open this I would need to manually launch this program from the system tray. Trying to open this application from the installation folder will only add this to System Tray, which I don't have access to.

So, are there any other alternative ways to open applications that are in the system tray using the command line or PowerShell or anything?

I really appreciate the help, thanks.

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    Dave Patrick 328.8K Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    The product vendor will be your best resource for this ask.

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