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we have 2 sites. Each site has one app-v publishing server and one file server which stores the app-v packages and using Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) to sync to each other.
Site A (App-v server A + File server A)
Site B (App-v server B + File server B)
the packages are stored on the shared folder (\\shared$\AppVpackages) in file server A/B,

the configuration is set as
If client laptop is at site A, it will connect to file server A to download the packages.
If client laptop is at site B, it will connect to file server B to download the packages.

MS App-v management console version

Now the File server B is not able to connect to network, the sync is not working and unable to manual copy file from file server A to B because of the network issue. How to make client computers at site B to connect to file server A?


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Windows Server Management
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