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Rich edit textbox


I have created an UWP App with richedit text box (VB)

People can write,

navigate between several reports, forms, etc. lists, etc.

then, can save to .rtf using storage file.

When I open in word can read all characters: Ñ ó,á,éíú. perfect.

But in Nopepad see the ANSI HEADER.

When OPEN in the app. can´t read the special character ( Ñ á, " " -) only that.
The richedittexbox respect the parragraphs, etc .. THE DATES ARE CORRECT.

Use storage file to open

If I change data in wordpad. The file cAn´t be OPENED in the App.
Yes I can modify IT in the app. perfectly, but without ÑÑ

So can you suggest the code??


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Notepad is a plain text editor and doesn't support rich text, it will ignore fonts and other unnecessary formatting. In addition, when I saved the characters as .rtf and opend it in app, the RichEditBox can read all the characters including the special character (Ñ, á) and when I changed data in wordpad, the file can be opened in the App. Can you provide the code snippet about how to save, open file and show the characters in RichEditBox? And how you change data in wordpad?

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I haven't heard from you for a while. Have you solved your issue?

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Hi, have you solved your issue? Do you have other questions?

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Hi, is there any update?

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Hi, is there any update?

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