Windows 10 Mapped Network Drive Keeps Getting Randomly Replaced w/CSC-CACHE Drive

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One of our computers is having an issue with a mapped network drive that just started over the last few weeks. The main drive that it maps to when it logs in is "G:" (General, 1st screenshot) and everything works fine for awhile then the drive changes the mapping to the users name (i.e. John Doe) but the drive letter remains the same (see 2nd screenshot). I checked the properties of the drive that shouldn't be there and it shows that it is "offline", the type is "network drive" and the file system is "CSC-CACHE", used space "204GB" and free space "271GB". We don't use offline files and I have confirmed that it is disabled in Windows and I also don't have a device on the network that matches the used space or free space.



When it is in this state even if I try to map a different drive letter to the same share (i.e. H:\server_name\general) it still maps to the drive that shows offline. If I disconnect the drive then restart the computer it will map to the drive that it is supposed to map to but will randomly go back to the offline CSC-CACHE drive. I know that is usually because offline files or sync is enabled but I have verified that they aren't.

I have included snapshots of what the mapped drive should be and what it gets changed to.

Other mapped drives (i.e. "I:", "U:") which are mapped to the exact same server are unaffected when the "G:" drive changes its mapping to the offline drive.

I checked for and disabled One Drive and DropBox thinking that maybe they were trying to take over the drive letter but that didn't work. I also verified that Google Drive isn't installed on the computer. Something tells me that the user installed something that is causing this but it isn't obvious.

Any idea's of help would be much appreciated!

Thank you.

Windows 10 Network
Windows 10 Network
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