Is it still possible to filter questons by tags followed?

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Before the site update we could filter all questions based on tags followed.

Is this possible with the new site? If yes, how can it be accomplished?

The "my content" filter will not return questions that I have not asked, answered, commented or edited.

It is unreasonable to expect us to sift through every question posted to the site in order to identify questions about topics that are of interest and/or within our areas of expertise.

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Microsoft Q&A
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    Richard Hay (MSFT) 306 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    The ability to filter on multiple tags is on our radar as we know it is a feature that power users like yourselves use for efficiency.

    As for the feedback about expanding all comments at once, I will add that to the collection of feedback I am putting together for the team.

    Thanks for your support here on Q&A as we get the launch rolling and then start to build upon our work moving forward.

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