Updating AD Manager (from mail manager) Attribute from CSV using PowerShell

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Im trying to update the "Manager" attribute in Active Directory from a CSV file using PowerShell but i have attribute email manager only and user attribute from initials.

example csv

initials mailmanager title department
1234 jim@mail.com Accounting Finance
4321 jim@mail.com Procurement Finance
ForEach ($user in (import-csv -path "C:\script\testscript.csv"))
  $dn = $user.user
  $dm = $user.mail
  Get-AdUser -Filter { Initials -like $dn } | set-aduser -manager $user.mailmanager  -title $user.title -department $user.department 


set-aduser : Identity info provided in the extended attribute: 'Manager' could not be resolved. Reason: 'Cannot find

an object with identity: 'jim@mail.com' under: 'DC=domain,DC=com'.'.

when i change mailmanager to samaccountname, powershell success.

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    BOURBITA Thameur 11,146 Reputation points Microsoft MVP


    The manager attribute must contain the distinguishedName of the Manager not his mail or samaccountname.

    To resole your issue , you have to set the distinguishedName of the manager instead the mail.

    Manager attribute contains the distinguished name of the user who is the user's manager

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