What determines if a Graph Event has the type "exception"?

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My team is noticing that when using the [https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/me/calendarView endpoint, sometimes the events we receive will have a type of exception instead of singleInstance, occurrence, or seriesMaster. We are wondering, is there some underlying cause for events with the type set as 'exception'? We need to determine how to process such events but are unsure of what this type implies about the event.

Microsoft Graph Calendar API
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  1. HarmeetSingh-MSFT 3,086 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Russell Baker

    Thanks for reaching out!

    If you have a recurring event, you can get all the instances (occurrences) of that recurring event for a specified time range. If the event is a seriesMaster type, this returns the occurrences and exceptions of the event in the specified time range.

    A specific instance of a recurring event changes its type to "exception" (from occurences), when made some modifications in startDateTime and endDateTime. For the rest instances, the type remains the same i.e., 'occurences'.

    Please note that List CalendarView Graph API get the occurrences, exceptions and single instances of events in a calendar view defined by a time range, from a user's default calendar.

    Hope this helps.

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