Problem accessing unmapped network shared via the path

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I have a issue that I am stuck with and home someone has a pointer. I have a Windows 2022 domain server, all is fine so far.

I did create a group in the AC and added some Organisational Units and created users within them. These users are part of the USERS group as usual. From a clean PC running windows 11 I can join the domain for user USER1. So far so good.
I shared some folders using the "File and Storage Services" E.g. Share1. In permission I removed the USERS permission and added in full permissions for USER1. When I go to the client PC and type in \domain I see the share1 folder path. However if I assess it, it is empty and I cant make any folders or files in there. However, when I map it the files show and I can access the files. So something does not seem to be right and I cant figure it out. I even gave :everyone" and USERS full control and still it does not show when accessing the PATH.

Does anyone have an idea what I did wrong?

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    Hello @TBMY ,

    apart from setting the permissions for the share, you need to set the permissions for the file system.

    On the server, open the shared folder and check the permissions in the security tab for the user or group that it is a member of.

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    Thanks for taking the time to look at my question.

    The issue was that I mapped the hostname instead of the domain name. Once I used the domain all was fine.

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