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I need an example about CreateFunction for like

Could you give me an example ?

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  1. answered 2023-01-15T18:18:36.6166667+00:00
    Bruce ( 27,941 Reputation points
        (string a, string b)  => a == b);

  2. answered 2023-01-19T09:29:28.83+00:00
    Jack J Jun 19,036 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @SUAT SUPHI, Welcome to Microsoft Q&A, if you want to make the function to replace string.

    You could try the following code.

       _connection.CreateFunction("likeit",(string x,string y)=> y, isDeterministic: true);

    Then, you could call it in the commandtext like the following:

        string sql = "select * from Posts where Title==likeit('i','h')";

    The result is equal to

    select * from Posts where Title='h'.

    Note: I suggest that you don't use the like keyword in the sql because it already has some definitions.

    Hope my solution could help you.

    Best Regards,


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