CredSSp Encryption Fehler

Horst Bittenbinder 0 Reputation points

Bei RDP Verbindungen zum Server (DC) bekomme ich folgende Fehlermeldung:


In der ADGruppenrichtl. fehlt der Eintrag Encryption-Oracle-Abwehr.ADGrupenrichtlinieverwaltung

Lokal ist er aber vorhanden.


Beim Öffnen des Editor für Gruppenrichtlinien kommt folgende Fehlermeldung:

Fehler beim Start von GPVerwaltung

Kann jemand helfen???

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  1. Thameur-BOURBITA 28,546 Reputation points


    My answer will be in english because here it's english forum.

    Try to install the last update on the DC, it should solve the issue.

    this kind of issue occurred when no update installed on server.

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  2. Horst Bittenbinder 0 Reputation points

    Of course I've already tried it.

    Sorry for the German text, I will try to translate it.

    1. Authentication error: credSSP Encrytion error...
    2. in the AD Policies the entry encryption oracle remediation is missing
    3. in the local policies the entry is available
    4. the permissions for this GPO in the SYSVOL folder are not the same as those in Active Directory. Click OK to adjust the sysvol permissions to the AD. (but the gpo in active directory is corrupted!)

    Can anyone help?

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  3. Thameur-BOURBITA 28,546 Reputation points


    This GPO settings is available only on the local GPO.

    There is another method with registry key you can use it. This registry key can be deployed by Group Policy Preferences.

    I invite you to read this link :

    2 Ways to Fix CredSSP Encryption Oracle Remediation Error

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  4. Horst Bittenbinder 0 Reputation points

    Unfortunately did not help.

    All local policies are ok, only missing in the AD policy.

    Is there a way to back up or import the GPO?

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  5. Thameur-BOURBITA 28,546 Reputation points


    Unfortunately , there is no admx file to import this setting in domain GPO like local policy. However ,ff you want use domain policy you can configure registry key through Group Policy Preference as mentioned on this link : Encryption Oracle Remediation

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