Authenticator app failed and authentication stuck. How to reset?

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I am writing here because Microsoft ignores reqests for help from our manager, who is registered as a manager of our corporate accounts.

And please STOP DELETTING THIS REQUEST, like there is no problem - just respond! Our emails and phones are open for callback from Microsoft. We have sent a bunch of requests ALREADY!

The problem is with Microsoft Authenticator App based login.

When joining the company, and receiving a new laptop, instead of registering my "Windows Hello", it requested creating an Authenticator link to my mobile.

I installed the Authenticator App on my Galaxy mobile, but something went wrong, and it simply was not linked to the Windows 10 corporate laptop.

However, from that point Windows requests to authenticate on the second device on every login. And there is NO second device registered! So it says - lets select "device is unavailable" option, but for proceeding there, you should authenticate at your second device! Ridiculous! A recursive loop around the non-existing "second device". And no way out.

After pushing "cancel, ignore, next time, close" four times, I can use my password. "Windows Hello" brings the "Authenticator App" request back.

Moreover, probably because of the lack of proper authentication, this request pops up when any program requiring admin rights is launched, and even when trying to preview newly copied documents and images.

Sometimes, it is becoming absolutely unbearable.

As I said, when trying follow error messages, Microsoft tells that our admin (manager) should contact them.

He contacted them once, they said that they will reach me, and did nothing. From that point he contacted them a few more times, and they never replied again!

That is the corporate support by Microsoft.

So I completly do not understand what to do now!

How to fix the login issue, probably reset the Authenticator App data at the Microsoft side.

Even worse, this question is censored and deletted at the Authenticator App support forum without comments. Like there is no problem.

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Microsoft Authenticator
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    Once logged in as the user, click Settings > Security > User Manager and click the user account that you are currently logged in as. Click the Multi-Factor Authentication tab, then select one of these options: Generate a new QR code: Click the Reset button for the Google Authenticator app.

    This may help you,

    Rachel Gomez

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    @Rachel Gomez

    Can you please explain, where can I find this "Settings > Security > User Manager" ?

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    The question is still open, the problem is not solved, and I have even no slightest Idea how and why it even happens.

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    You see, there is no "second" device registered. So it is pointless asking for the authentication on the second device. But Windows Authenticator keeps asking and canot get out of that loop.

    A disaster, not a software. A total sabotage instead of security.

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    ... this was a duplicate post caused by the server delay...

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