Azure Virtual Machine - Which license to use for private use?

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I would like to set up an Azure Virtual Machine for private usage so that I can use windows via my ipad.

When I try setting up a virtual machine, i get prompted to check the following box:

”I confirm I have an eligible Windows 10/11 license with multi-tenant hosting rights.”

I do not have any Windows license and all information I could find was either for enterprise usage or for private usage but without virtual machine.

Which license should I get?

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    What do I need to use Windows 10/11 for personal use?

    Unlike Windows Server which has the OS included in the VM cost (per vCPU), Windows 10/11 licenses must be purchased separately. @Manu Philip is correct that you could use an Enterprise E3/E5 license for deploying Windows 10/11 on Azure however if this is for personal, development, or test purposes, you can use Windows client images in Azure which may be more accessible for individual use through a Visual Studio subscription.

    There are many options for both the multitenant (professional use) and Windows client (dev/test or personal use) VMs so be sure to go through the documentation but know that you have different options depending on what your intended use is.

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  2. answered 2023-01-17T16:11:32.6333333+00:00
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    Windows 10/11 OS licenses are not available as part of the VM price in Azure. Only Server licenses are available. If you wish to use Windows 10/11 in your virtual machine, you will need to bring your own licenses. You may go for Enterprise E3/E5 per user license for this purpose. Licensing details can be accessed from here: Windows 10/11 OS licenses

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