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Can anyone help me get this information in Grafana by collecting data from Azure Monitor? I would like to have this information on the dashboard.

We have Grafana Managed in our Azure environment.

  • Persistent Volume Claim Usage/Free Space
  • Services HTTP Status Codes
Azure Monitor
Azure Monitor
An Azure service that is used to collect, analyze, and act on telemetry data from Azure and on-premises environments.
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Azure Managed Grafana
Azure Managed Grafana
An Azure service used to deploy Grafana dashboards for analytics and monitoring solutions.
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    Here is a general idea of collecting logs from Azure Monitor and display it in Grafana :-

    1. In Azure Monitor, you will need to configure metrics and log data to collect information about your Persistent Volume Claim Usage/Free Space and Services HTTP Status Codes.
    2. Once the data is being collected, you can then configure a data source in Grafana to connect to Azure Monitor.
    3. Grafana supports Azure Monitor as a data source, you can configure the Azure Monitor data source in Grafana by providing the subscription ID, tenant ID, client ID, and client secret.
    4. Once the data source is configured, you can then create a dashboard and add panels to display the metrics and log data from Azure Monitor.
    5. To display the Persistent Volume Claim Usage/Free Space, you can use a graph panel and query the 'kubernetes_persistentvolumeclaim_info' metric from Azure Monitor, then add the 'Free Space' and 'Used Space' as 'Value' and 'Group by' with 'Persistent Volume Claim Name'
    6. To display the Services HTTP Status Codes, you can use a table panel and query the 'requests' and 'responses' log from Azure Monitor, then add the 'status' as 'Columns' and 'Group by' with 'Service Name'
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