Looking for a way to popup content similar to the ComboBox

asked 2023-01-17T20:00:12.4133333+00:00
Lloyd Sheen 756 Reputation points

Want a layout control that I can "open" to show content. It should be able to be placed on the screen again similar to the combobox so that I can set the position (most likely under another control).

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  1. answered 2023-01-17T20:08:34.5733333+00:00
    Tasadduq Burney 7,181 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    You can create a Popup control in XAML and place it in your layout, and then set the content of the Popup using the Child property. You can also use the IsOpen property to open or close the Popup.

    <Popup x:Name="MyPopup" IsOpen="False" >
         <Label Text="My Popup Content" />