Read pdf file from storage account (Azure Data lake) without downloading it using python

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I am trying to read a pdf file which I have uploaded on an Azure storage account. I am trying to do this using python. I have tried using the SAS token/URL of the file and pass it thorugh PDFMiner but I am not able get the path of the file which will be accepted by PDFMiner. I am using something like the below code:

rom import DataLakeServiceClient
from import generate_file_sas
import os
storage_account_name = "mystorageaccount"
storage_account_key = "mystoragekey"
container_name = "mycontainer"
directory_name = 'mydirectory'

service_client = DataLakeServiceClient(account_url="{}://{}".format(
        "https", storage_account_name), credential=storage_account_key)
file_system_client = service_client.get_file_system_client(file_system=container_name)
directory_client   = file_system_client.get_directory_client(directory_name)
file_client = directory_client.get_file_client('XXX.pdf')
download = file_client.download_file()
downloaded_bytes = download.readall()

file_sas = generate_file_sas(account_name= storage_account_name,file_system_name= container_name,directory_name= directory_name,file_name= dir_name,credential= storage_account_key)

from pdfminer.pdfpage import PDFPage
with open(downloaded_bytes, 'rb') as infile:
    PDFPage.get_pages(infile, check_extractable=False)

from pdfminer.pdfpage import PDFPage
with open(file_sas, 'rb') as infile:
    PDFPage.get_pages(infile, check_extractable=False)

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  1. SaiKishor-MSFT 17,141 Reputation points

    @Rachit Agarwal Thanks for reaching out to Microsoft Q&A. I understand that you want to read a pdf file from storage account using Python, is that right?

    I think these links will be helpful to you to understand how to do the same-

    Sample code for ADLS Gen2 - Generate SAS Token-

    Read Data from a File-

    I hope these sample files will help you with your code. If it still does not work, please do share the error message that you are receiving. Thank you!

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