Markdown Editor in forum behaves incorrectly with code blocks

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I'm trying to provide answers to questions in the forum and I often need to add links or code. The only way I've found to get this to work correctly is to switch to the markdown view in the editor. The problem is that then some common editor keys don't work anymore.

For example I'm in markdown mode right now. I type the start of a code block with the quotes and then put the closing quotes as well. Then go back to the starting quotes and down arrow. It jumps below the entire code block.

At other times when trying to put code into code blocks the up/down arrow keys just cause the caret to disappear. It's like the arrow keys are jumping to another part of the post (or perhaps elsewhere). You have to click with the mouse to where you want to go. This happens intermittently.

Additionally the delete key doesn't always work correctly either. Sometimes it does nothing and other times I've seen it delete entire lines or even the beginning of the line.

Overall the markdown editor with code is highly unreliable. I find it easier to type my code in VSCode or similar and then paste it in.

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