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Matt Dillon 1,211 Reputation points

Is there a configuration setting in Intune that would remove the shortcuts for Spotify,TikTok, WhatsApp, Disney+, etc that seem to appear on a fresh install of Windows 11?

I have successfully used Proactive Remediation to get rid of the Consumer version of Teams, and was able to successfully remove the Teams Chat icon using a configuration profile. Is there a configuration profile that will help remove the consumer shortcuts?

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  1. Rudy Ooms 591 Reputation points

    Multiple options you got.. As those apps you mentioned are Store Apps and are installed in the c:\windows\systemapps if I am not mistaken. It also depends if the user is admin or not.... but this is one example to remove it with PowerShell

    One example to remove spotify

    $RunningApp =Get-Process -Name "spotify*"

    If ($RunningApp){Stop-Process -InputObject $RunningApp -Force}

    Get-AppPackage -NAMESpotifyAB.SpotifyMusic | Remove-AppPackage

    In the past I used the Microsoft store for business (I know... ) so I could add the apps in there and just select the uninstall when the app was synced to Intune. (the new Microsoft store app functionality doesn't have those apps if I am not mistaken).

    So maybe you could use the agentexecutor from the device to uninstall the apps, just like I am mentioning in this blog below


    Feel free to reach out to me on social media if you have any additional questions about it

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  2. BunnyTub 0 Reputation points

    Unless you have Windows 11 hooked up to a domain, probably not.

    I'm not an employee or expert, but Microsoft kind of sucks when it comes to stuff like this.

  3. Crystal-MSFT 40,706 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    @Matt Dillon, Thanks for the reply. After researching, I didn't find the configuration profile to remove Spotify,TikTok, WhatsApp, Disney+ shortcut,. But it seems we can use Proactive Remediation feature to do this. Here is a link I find for your reference:

    Note: Non-Microsoft link. Just for the reference.

    You can try and see if it can work.

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  4. Rahul Jindal [MVP] 9,041 Reputation points MVP

    The apps will show up when you are using Pro SKU. Or are you noticing it on Ent as well? No built-in profile to address these apps, but you can use a script or perhaps sync the apps from the store and push them as uninstall.

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  5. Pavel yannara Mirochnitchenko 11,411 Reputation points

    With Windows 11 Ent, I don't see any crapware, just MAIL and Teams Consumer which icon can be removed with Settings Catalog.

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