Azure Synapse Workspace - Role and Permission to see SQL views and execute views

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I have data lake storage account which has raw JSON files. I created Synapse Workspace and added SQL serverless database which has 2 different views on top of these JSON files. I as admin can query this views and able to see results in synapse workspace. now I want to add external users in Synapse workspace who are going to use this views and also execute queries to get data set. they will be using the result for further analysis in their domain.
Question is:

  1. which Synapse Role supports only list views and execute query ? FYI: I tried, Synapse User, Synapse Credential User and Synapse Compute Operator role but end user is not able to see SQL database created under Synapse workspace. so far Synapse Admin and Synapse SQL admin works. but in that case user can delete/modify views.
  2. Is synapse workspace is ever built to use like this? do you suggest to build additional interface on top of the views for end users and manage access and permission over there?

Let me know your thoughts..
Regards, Jaimin Kansara

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