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I'm trying to get some help with an azure B2C error. When I sign in, the request keeps returning an AADB2C90018 error, but the application seems to be configured correctly. I have two applications an "nprod" application is used for our non production instance and the "dashboard" application for the dev instance (localhost). Both seem to be configured exactly the same but the "nprod" application returns the AADB2C90018 with the following message:

"The client id '5a02e722-4879-4753-875f-e02c19a93ca2' specified in the request is not registered in tenant ''."

Seems like everything is setup correctly but it still does not work (hours after creating the application). The only difference between the two are the unique id's and the redirect uris.

After further investigation, and following [ the error sometimes goes away when following Tony Ju. So it now works, but not everytime.

Any help understanding this behavior would be greatly appreciated.

Microsoft Entra ID
Microsoft Entra ID
A Microsoft Entra identity service that provides identity management and access control capabilities. Replaces Azure Active Directory.
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  1. Akshay-MSFT 16,026 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Carlos Volante

    I was able to dig through this and found that this error could be caused if there is an issue with

    As you mentioned the issue is intermittent now, so I believe there could be an issue with authentication request retry. As referenced here you could try to configure your application to retry with exponential backoff upon receiving the AADB2C90018 error, as explained below:

    User's image

    • Application invokes the request that fails with the error AADB2C90018.
    • Application waits for a short interval (e.g. 1 second) and tries again. The request still fails with the error AADB2C90018.
    • Application waits for a longer interval (e.g. 2 seconds) and tries again. The request succeeds with HTTP response code 200 (OK).

    Code sample:

        Retry =  
            Delay= TimeSpan.FromSeconds(2),  
            MaxDelay = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(16),  
            MaxRetries = 5,  
            Mode = RetryMode.Exponential  
    # Wait 1 second, retry request  
    # If still fails wait 2 seconds, retry request  
    # If still fails wait 4 seconds, retry request  
    # If still fails wait 8 seconds, retry request  
    # If still fails wait 16 seconds, retry request


    Akshay Kaushik

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