DHCPv6-Relay-Agent does not receive requests

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I have 2 virtual (2016 Hyper-V) networks connected by a RRAS router VM (2019). The DHCPv6 server VM (2019) is in NET1 and the client VM (W10) is in NET2. On the router I've configured the RRAS DHCPv6-Relay-Agent and activated router advertisements for stateful DHCPv6. The Client gets one IPv6 address via RA but no IP from the DHCPv6 server. Using a network sniffer, I see that the router receives DHCPv6 solicitation (type 1) packets. But the statistics for the DHCPv6-Relay-Agent show 0 received requests (my translation from German). According to this post there is an issue if the DHCPv6 server uses private (ULA) IPv6 addresses. So I've configured additional public (GUA) addresses on both the router and DHCPv6 server and configured the server's GUA in the relay-agent, still no luck. I've also deactivated the firewall on the router and double-checked the DHCPv6 scope for the client network on the server. DHCPv6 also seems to work, since clients in NET1 are OK.

I'm running out of ideas here, does anybody have any tips? Thanks in advance!

Update: Just as a reminder: ChatGPT/OpenAI (a multi billion investment by Microsoft) answers the command "write an inspirational speech about ipv6" with the following introduction:

Ladies and gentlemen, today I want to talk to you about the future of the internet. And that future is IPv6.

Unfortunately, ChatGPT seems to be smarter then Microsoft itself in that regard....

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    Hello there,

    According to your description, DHCPv6 relay agent can’t receive DHCP requests. We may check if the firewall on RRAS server has blocked the packet. If the firewall is on, we may turn off the firewall and test if it will work.

    We may use network monitor on RRAS server, see if the NIC could receive solicitation packet.

    If the NIC could receive, but GUI doesn't display, we may check the RRAS server’s configurations such as firewall setting as I have mentioned above. If even the NIC couldn’t receive, we may check the network connection between clients and DHCP relay agent. Verify if they are in the same subnet and check if the client could ping DHCP relay agent.

    Hope this resolves your Query !!

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